A Little Advice: Love and Life Advice from Kids

Wednesday, December 14 2016


UCB Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

This month is a Holiday special! These experts are cute, funny and still in elementary school. Noelle Lara hosts a kids say the darndest things meets sketch comedy where the pint-size cast has advised former UCB maude team "New Money" to write and perform an entire sketch show pitched by kids! The kids will then give notes on the performance! Fun for the whole family!

Hayley Shukiar 
Somali Rose
Toby Grey


Hosted by Noelle Lara


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It's the FINAL "A Little Advice." For five years, Noelle navigated her 20's by been getting love and life advice from the help of elementary school aged kids.. and it worked! She now has a job and is in a healthy and happy relationship. But what comes next? In the final show, the kids will reflect on the past five years of advice, and help Noelle decide what comes next in life! 

Somali Rose
Toby Grey
Everleigh McDonell
Jordyn Curet 
Calah Lane