The Cracked Podcast LIVE

Saturday, October 14 2017


UCB Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Are movie monsters the least scary they've ever been? Is the moviegoing public doomed to an eternity of boring retreads, featuring played-out traditional monsters like zombies, vampires, and sharknadoes? On this month's LIVE Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt welcomes Cracked's David Christopher Bell and Brett Rader, comedians Hallie Cantor, Greg Edwards and Danielle Radford, and YOU the audience member, all teaming up to save Hollywood. The gang will discover the next great Hollywood movie monster. They'll prove why mythology, urban legends, random Internet theories, and places from Macedonia to Wisconsin all contain the seeds of a spooktacular movie. And if you're lucky, YOU'LL reinvent Hollywood horror right there in the room.


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The Cracked Podcast and live show is an extension of the editorial team discussions that shape the brilliant articles and sketches on Cracked. 

Alex Schmidt and the Cracked staff, along with an impressive roster of guests, use the platform to identify and dissect pop culture tropes, debunk myths and generally try to reach the large demographic of people who would enjoy their site's content if only they'd learn to read.