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Monday, December 11 2017


UCBT Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Spoiler Country has the script for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Before you see the movie, see what's going to happen in the show, as interpreted by 30+ of the best comedy writers in the biz!

Each month, the producers of Spoiler Country take an episode of a TV show or an installment of a movie franchise and run it through a meat grinder of comedy's funniest writers, one page at a time! Each writer only writes one page, and can only see the page right before their own.

The resulting slurry is then spun into gold by the silver tongues of some of comedy's funniest performers, live! On stage! Before your very eyes!

David Brown (Mr. Bird, Private Street)
Talia Tabin (Documentary Now!, New Girl, UCB Harold - Yeti)
Zeke Nicholson (Take My Wife, Lopez, The Good Place)
Lou Wilson (The Guest Book, American Vandal, Tween Fest)

Written by:
Ryan Hitchcock 
David Kantrowitz
Mark David Christenson 
Neil Campbell (Comedy Bang Bang!, The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
Carl Tart (MADtv, Ghosted)
Zeke Nicholson (A.P. Bio)
Diona Reasonover (I Love Dick, Adam Ruins Everything, I Love You, America)
Laura Chinn (The Mick, Grandfathered, Children's Hospital)
Devin Field (Workholics, Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
Mary Sasson
Shaun Diston (Wrecked, Playing House, Superstore)
David Phillips (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
Sarah Stoecker (UCB Maude Team Gorgeous)
Matt Chester (Madam Secretary)
Sydney Nikols (The Elite Daily Show)
Greg Giebel (Evacuation Plan)
Joan Ford (Nerdist)
Jake Jabbour (We're Gross, Squeeze Academy)
Brian Palatucci (We're Gross, Squeeze Academy)
Hal Rudnick (The Screen Junkies Show)
Jeremy McKiernan (UCB Maude Team Karate Karate)
Arik Cohen (UCB Maud Team Bombardier)
Matt Mazany (Gay of Thrones)
Courtney Hyde (UCB Maude Team Gorgeous)
Patrick McDonald (Rich and Bored, The Parrothead Podcast)
Mel Cowan (Boondoggles, The Arrangement)
Mike Hanford (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Special)
Justin Michael (Friendship All-stars...of Friendship)
Dominique Johnson
Zach Reino (Serious Music)
Connie Shin (UCB Maude Team Karate Karate)
Joe Saunders (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Special)
Matt Apodaca
Lisa Timmons (UCB Maude Team The New Deal)
Edgar Momplasir
Scot Armstrong (Road Trip, Old School, Semi-Pro, The Hangover Part 2)

Stage Directions to be read by the director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson (Mark Schroeder)

Live Music Performed by:
To Be Announced

Illustrations By:
Ryan Hitchcock
David Kantrowitz (@midnight)
many more


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In the month leading up to each Spoiler Country, an episode of your favorite television show is written round-robin by a crack squadron of UCB's funniest writers.

Spoiler Alert: Each writer only gets to see the page immediately before the one they are writing. Then this script is handed off to the best UCB performers who read this "specsquisite corpse" to you, dear audience.