Traditional / Experimental

Monday, January 8 2018


UCBT Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There are the traditional improv forms you know: Harold, Monoscene, Montage. And then there are the more experimental improv forms you've heard of but have maybe never seen: Tracers, Eventé, The Exploding Dinosaur Pillow Fight.

This show features both kinds of forms. The first half traditional, and the second half experimental. Will you become an improv formalist? There are many ways to find out – one of which is to see this show.

The Score
performing an organic montage
Amy Hessler
Oscar Montoya
Ruha Taslimi
Ele Woods

performing a two-person macroscene
Alex Fernie
Deborah Tarica

Host: Jonathan Harris