Spoiler Country

Saturday, February 10 2018


UCBT Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027



Ronnie Adrian (It's A Party, Key and Peele)
Ashleigh Hairston (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Chelsea)
Geoff Ross (Characters Welcome UCB LA)
Shaun Landry (Transparent, Milk)
Dane Troy (Hand of God)
Travina Springer (Valentine's Day, Unfair & Ugly)

Stage Direction to be Read by director of Black Panther Ryan Coogler (Ify Nwadiwe)

Written by:
Zora Bikangaga (Honest Trailers)
Aliza Pearl
Ele Woods (Quality Sketch)
Colton Dunn (Key and Peele, The Eric Andre Show, MADtv)
Lou Wilson
Ify Nwadiwe (@midnight, Coming to the Stage)
Geoff Ross
Shukri Abdi
Michael Gutierrez
Melia Mills
Warren Burke (The Checkered Cow Burgers)
Shakira Paye (S.L.A.G)
Jacquis Neal (Bitch Please)
Charity L. Miller (Raven's Home)
Ashley Holston
Cory Willis
Jiavani Linayao
Acquah Dansoh
Laura Chinn (The Mick, Grandfathered)
David Brandyn
Gerald Grissette
Robin Higgins
Ego Nwodim
Aman Adumer
Mora Carew (Black Magic P.D., Mississippi Twist)
Priscilla Davies
Genetra Tull
Lorraine DeGraffenreidt
Dominque Johnson (We Beefin')
Shaun Landry
Zeke Nicholson (A.P. Bio)


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