An Irish Wake: Sad Stories, Funny Scenes

Saturday, March 17 2018


UCBT Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

For most of the civilized world, tragedy and comedy oppose one another, but for the Irish, these ideas have always gone hand in hand. Call it gallows humor if you like, but in the tradition of an Irish Wake, great sorrow and great joy go together like sweaters and shamrocks, or whiskey and a religious prohibition against birth control. At An Irish Wake, professional storytellers will regale you with their true tales of sadness and heartbreak, and then a cast of improvisers will turn those stories into comedy gold, finding the craic even in life's greatest misfortunes. Slainte!

Matthew Brian Cohen
John Purcell
Lisa Timmons
Amy Hessler
Andrew Hansen
Lou Wilson
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Laci Mosley

John Flynn
Margot Leitman