Del Close Marathon FOMO Show

Wednesday, June 27 2018


UCBT Sunset

5419 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


STUFFED CRUST ORDERS A PIZZA: Our opening team comes on stage and gets the audience as a whole to order a pizza in the hopes that it will be delivered by the end of the show for the audience to consume. [Jimmy Kehoe, Melissa McIntosh, Courtney Sevener, Dani Shank, and Sam Skopp]

FLAMING-OV: Improv Standing On One Foot [Libby Doyne, Moira O’Neill, Clark Canez, Nikhil Deshpande]

ONLY TRANSACTION SCENES: Every scene is a transaction scene. [2012: Dick Beck, Jesse Esparza, Joan Ford, Skander Halim, Ann Maddox, Matt Manser, Dina Miro]


PILLOW FIGHT PROV: [Nikki DiGaetano, Sam Gasch, Cozi Orlen]

EVERYONE PLAYS MIND MELD: [Jonathan Harris and the audience]

RECENTLY DIVORCED DAD-PROV: [Jason Parker, Danny Carpenter, Addison Billingsley, Halsey Lindquist, Dominic Polito]

NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP: Two Very Famous Vegas Lounge Singers, Rick & Roll, are back and better than ever! The same dynamic duo who brought you the hit singles "Secret Heat" and "Summer Hair" are live in Los Angeles to bring you Rick Astley's greatest hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" for 5 minutes straight. [Dane Troy and John David Williams]

BRUCEPROV: Improv where everyone is Bruce Springsteen. [Katie Dill, Chris Madden, Connor Nee, Francis Kyazze, Haley Tubbs, Meg Sinick, Lawrence Marshalian, Lauren Chapman, Dan Chapman, Jack Sharpe, Danny Prikazsky]

ELECTRIC FLY SWATTER: Improv where every "yes" includes a shock with an electric fly swatter. [Amanda Bonar, Cory Webster, Jimmy Kehoe, Jeff Whitaker, Kody Schmidt, Meg Joh]


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

Every year, improvisers from all over the planet converge upon NYC to perform and party at the Del Close Marathon -- a three-day, non-stop improv festival. In the later hours of the night at DCM, things get weird. You might see an improv set performed by eight Jay Lenos, or a show where everyone plays a stripper with a terrible pun for a name.

What happens in LA during those three days? NOTHING. So, to curb our FOMO, we're bringing some of the insanity you'd see in NYC right here to Los Angeles. Come join some of UCB-LA's best performers as they bring the sweaty debauchery of DCM to UCB Sunset on a balmy Wednesday evening.

Hosted by Jonathan Harris