CopyCatharsis w/ Catharsis: Dramatic Improv & Copycat

Two UCB shows (Catharsis and Copycat) collide into one great mash-up show!

Catharsis is focused on real, grounded, dramatic improv and improv is all about good listening and you always steal from the best, so Copycat takes this literally! 

The collision of these two approaches creates CopyCatharsis!!!

1st Half:
Broth Bag (Dennis Curlett, Julia Hays, Michael Gardner, and Charlie Mihelich) performs a dramatic set.
Copycat (Mark David Christenson, Jen Krueger, Clay Larson, Katie Plattner, Wayland McQueen, Jake Jabbour and Jonny Svarzbein) will attempt to perform the same exact set that will eventually become a copy of a copy of a copy creating something new!

2nd Half:
Copycat will perform an improv set inspired by a new audience suggestion.
Broth Bag will perform a dramatic copy of that exact set.