Cheap Ass Comic-Con, presented by the Unfinished Target

You know Comic-Con? The one in San Diego? The one that has a bunch of sponsors and costs a lot of money to get into? This is like that, but it's an immersive experience that takes place throughout the entire UCB Sunset building, and the only sponsor is the Unfinished Target™ at Sunset and Western. 

Come meet the celebs who didn't make the cut for real Comic-Con, make your way through panels, VR experiences, our version of the Exhibit Hall, and more. It'll be just like you're at Comic-Con, but cheaper! And funnier! And cheaper!

Show up IN COSPLAY for a chance to STAR in the next cheap ass MOVIE FRANCHISE!

Panels include:
20 Grumpy Harrison Fords, a panel about panels, Parents are the Real Superheroes, a "Re-play" oculus headset product unveiling, a preview Star Wars super weapon preview, and more! 

Meet celebrities and get autographs and merch in the Exhibit Hall:
Drunk Aquaman, Chadwick Boseman, the 4th Wahlberg brother, famous girl group The Space Girls, Mark Zuckerberg giving tips on how to drink water like a human, the host of a podcast about the musical Rent, Stan Lee, and more!

The Transforming Target Shopper Art Installation, a Candy Crush VR Experience, Batman and Bad Boy Robin, and more!

With performances by: The MoviePass CEO, Moaning Myrtle, Bad Boy Robin, Stan Lee, Alan Starzinski, Alyssa Sabo & Miranda Hart, Aman Adumer & Edgar Momplaisir, William Williams, Anosh McAdam & Courtney Sevener, Bryan Rainstein, Cait Raft, Cassi Jerkins, Charlie Mihelich & Matt Apodaca, Greg Giebel, Gwen Mesco & Nadia Osman, Chris Hardwick & Will Wheaton, Jake Jabbour, Jake Regal, Jen Krueger, Jessica Svendsgaard, Joe Fahey, Luke McDonough, Stephen Sanow, Powerline, Hot Hot Goss, Katelyn Hempstead, Lisa Timmons, Lucé Tomlin-Brenner, Dorca Tejeda, Ariel Jackson, Maddie Patrick, Marian Yesufu, Megan Sousa, Imani Hayes, Anika Reitman, Kelvin Sherman, Tarik Jackson, Matthew Brian Cohen, Nick Luciano, Nikki DiGaetano & Sam Gasch, Rob Gentile, Santina Muha & Dayna LoBosco, Sarah Claspell, Scott Thiede & Andrew Young, Vic Michaelis & Richelle Miess, Yaki Margulies, Zach Olsen, Zander Frost, and more!