Mystery on Fyre Island: a Musical

Ten of the internet's biggest, dumbest, and most self-involved social media celebrities are invited to the Fyre Festival by a mysterious guest. Faster than you can say "influencer marketing," they start getting murdered, one by one. It's up to them to find out who the killer is, and with no phones or internet, they can't even post about it.

Alana Gospodnetich
DarylJim Diaz
Gabe Greenspan
Greg Smith
Henry Kaiser
Jacquis Neal
Jessica Reiner-Harris
Joseph Porter
Madeleine Fraser
Marie Lively
Matthew Patrick Davis
Meghan Parks
Muriel Montgomery
Nate Clark
Shilpa Das

Andrew Young (Director)
Steve Szlaga (Book)
Michael O'Konis
Allie Jennings
Dahlya Glick
Hanna LoPatin